Gausses & Floorguards 10-1

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Author Lightning55
Tags action author:lightning55 playable rated utopian
Created 2008-10-22
Last Modified 2008-10-23
by 10 people.
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Description AGD not for the weak. I beat all of this in pieces, so everything is possible. I made several exits for quitters and people who aren't that good or just want to play it safe with a completion demo. For an AGD, it's mandatory that you don't miss a gold on your first run through because on some parts, it would be impossible/extremely hard to get that piece. Good luck and RCE.

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Come on, you can do it. I know you can, but I really don't want to waste your life AGDing this when I know you probably have better things to do.


"If he tries."
I'm guessing if he really tries, he could get an AGD. I like how this combines minejumper + action in a MTI-esque atmosphere. There are always the extra doors if you want to opt out.

o my poop bad I suck at MTI-esque maps


XD atleast I got another rating.
jump a bit, then hold right and you will get past it. Hold right when you jump and you die. You hold it after you die =P

Good job isaacx.


first try/attempt demo

i don't know what you mean when you say that the first jump is hard
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The first jump is way too easy (after doing it 29403 times, maybe more or less =P)


that first jump is annoying!
way too challenging for me, but a nice spiral. 3.5/5 (up to 4)

To clarify

In the first post I seem to be saying that I don't like that the last fourth is easy. On the contrary, I was intending to say that I don't like the the first fourth is so hard. As I said in my second post, I do like that the last fourth is on the easy side. Also, I don't really care about the alternate exits. I always try to complete levels as much as possible.

As for editing, I say edit it if you think it needs editing. So if you find yourself agreeing with what we're saying, then yes, otherwise no.

Should I edit it

before it becomes rated?

In my opinion

You may have made it a teensy bit too hard in two points; the second leg and the fourth leg. I almost never die on the first leg (unless I'm being a speed-demon; then I often die at the part with the jutted land and the mines above it before the floor-guard) but at least half of the times I still die on the second leg. The third leg is pretty easy for me now, even easier than the first leg I'd say, but I have yet to beat the fourth leg (while grabbing all the gold) because of the lack of space to build up enough speed, and the, as Nexx said, extremely unpredictable gauss. Hell, sometimes I think I'd like a rocket or two chasing me for that leg than that Gauss, and I hate rockets with a passion.


I created the first leg to be relatively easy. Then the difficulty jumps a bit and gradually goes down. The reason I did this is so that it is difficult to complete the first leg. Then the real map begins. There is a somewhat spike in difficulty for the next leg and it becomes easier so that you won't kill yourself if you die on the last curve, like in MTI.

In MTI, I played and died on the last leg. I became furious at how I had gotten so far just to die. So I just gave up. I did not want this map to be like that, but I did offer you a choice to opt out with your current run after each 2 legs or so.

I'll agree with you Nexx.

Ever since I started playing this map, I discovered my love for BDSM. :P

Ho ho! Completion!


What I said before still stands, but would like to mention I like that the last leg is relatively easy. I always hated that the last leg of MTI was so hard. Also, the fact that I beat this map in about an hour gives you a small boost, too. Still, the gold is a bit much, don't you think? Completion is not for the weak. AGD is not for the non-masochistic.

Slightly revised score: 2.5v
The map still needs more fun mixed with its frustration.
Demo Data
Yes, this is like MTI and Sendy's Psychotic Mined Games (PMG). And I'm sure a lot of people will like this because they like those. However, I dislike most of this genre. I don't like any maps that are extremely difficult, including MTI and PMG, and this is no exception. That doesn't mean there's not an element of fun in this map (or other such maps), it just means that the fun is overwhelmed by the frustration of it. These maps are what I would call "artificially difficult", meaning that they don't require maneuvering skill (per se) so much as nitpicky precision. The general setups with the gausses and the floorguards are generally nice (which is why the last two legs are the best by far). It's all the mines that are the problem for me, because they make the map too restrictive. 2/5

A couple things I thought were worth pointing out:
- At least Sendy's PMG starts off simply and gradually gets harder section by section. This one starts off with two rather difficult sections, and I didn't like that at all. (though to be fair, the second half of leg 1 is easy) In fact, this map somewhat seems to be the opposite - the last 3 legs are much easier than the first 5. Anyway, there's nothing semantically wrong with that, I just don't like it much.
- A few parts are particularly fickle and are thus annoying as hell. They are (1) leg 2, where you have to fall past the gauss and catch on the wall without getting shot, and (2) ALL of leg 4, which is based on a setup that allows the gauss to be notoriously unpredictable, including the 4-tile that begins leg 4 and has minimal running room leading up to it.
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o-o And do you check NUMA every five seconds or something? You reply a lot faster than I expect...
just like this and MTI and it will be ded to you.

The entire poem, or what I know of it, is in Latin, but the first line, facilis descensus averno, holds towards a theme of a book, that same one that used averni. Each of the parts were a 'descent', sort of. The Dark Descent, Easy is the Descent, The Descent Beckons. All of them are derived from a poem that is quoted partially below the title of the Part.

And, a ded? Seriously?

What do I get if I DO AGD this map without fbf, then? :3?
I have decided to make you a ded for trying so hard on my map.

Btw, is that poem Latin? I hate Latin...Spanish too.

It's not so much that the minejumper part of it is hard. In fact, the only thing that kills me is that I swear I'm gonna get an AGD here. :P

Either averni or averno means 'Hell'. In a poem I read, 'facilis descensus averno' but in a book it said 'nephilim: facilis descensus averni'.

Best AGD up to the first exit submitted yet. Whoo.

And, in case you didn't know, which I guess you probably don't, 'Facilis descensus Averno' is literally translated as 'Easy is the descent into Hell'. But it might be Averni, I'm not sure.
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devil number...

And not to be mean and double-comment (Edit button should totally be added) but immediately after I sent the last one, with 'facilis descensus averno', I got a demo of 666 frames.

To you I submit.



Whoever said 'Facilis descensus Averno' has never ever played FGI.
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speedrun type I think.
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Oh... my... god....




I can not describe it in any other way. This is the craziest level I have ever attempted to beat, and I will go mentally insane trying to beat it with an AGD.......

Oh well. *Continues on.*

(Thanks for commenting on my latest map, btw, and liking my avatar. :3)


i like the multiple exits reminds me of the dungeon in madame tuessodes wax museum


this is insane

Lawl, yeah

but MTI only has a few thwumps also. Its the thwumps that are used so well that make it special.
Neat minejumper. Way too long, but some very nice action. 3.5 up
Otherwise I wouldnt even bother trying this :P Ill have a look.


Floorguard Gaussing Impossible =P




this is insane but im gonna keep trying. i can guess where you got your inspiration *cough* MTI *cough*
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this is fun

and i will get an agd
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that first jump is a #$@*!