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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags action author:guitar_hero_matt flowy gauss gtmdelist rated rocket
Created 2008-11-08
Last Modified 2009-01-13
by 12 people.
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Description So what if its my oh so generic style? It also happens to be oh so brilliant. Its not enough to complete this level, complete it with style. Post your cool alternative flow demos here, and RCE! And its a ded to Nexx too, for being too awesome for words.

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Great Beginning

But empty at the end.


Kinda empty


...fastest AGD but im very dissapointed in this demo...
Demo Data
With the nice dodges and all that, but then, kind of just didn't expand on that idea. Would have liked to see more direction changes, longer / bigger jumps etc.
The tightness of the flow path imo was cool. The pathing was meant to be the showpiece of this map, just because of all the cool dodges, but yeah, I agree that I could have refined it a little more and varied the gameplay.
Tileset is a little too busy and uncoordinated for my liking.

And a rocket and a gauss in that small a space with some gold doesn't result in interesting gameplay. It also feels like you didn't really spend much time on it, which is a shame.
annoying to do it twice
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... i loved the tiles/getting the gold lol...perfect gauss and rocket placement :D...5/5 easily...
...slow AGD but ill get a faster one after school...
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Flow Demo

At least for the important parts ^^
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They usually dissapear, at least from my maps. That said...
Great challenge.

And resubmiting because of ratings is really retarded, do you expect people to suddenly like it more when they play the same map they saw 10 minutes ago. Also snipers have a good chance of coming back they dont just dissapear.

Also Evil_sire is the one of the most annoying people on NUMA right now. >__>
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warm and happy! 4!


Oh so what?


you are oh so big-headed.


Give him a break.

Also, 4.


I can relist a map if I want! Besides that, it had to have been sniped twice for the map to go down to 2 ninjas after an antisnipe.
LV commented on the last one. FRICKEN LV MAN.

Aaaand I give up.

Gameplay's a three, but I'mma bump it to four because I love long empty stretches.

However, I refuse to rate. Rating's shouldn't be so important that you RESUBMIT [] JUST BECAUSE YOU GOT SNIPED ONCE. ONCE ONCE ONCE ONCE ONCE ONCE
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Those circles

are so me.

Therefore it is brilliant.