Suicide Underground

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Author autosurfer
Tags author:autosurfer playable rated
Created 2008-11-13
Last Modified 2008-11-13
by 9 people.
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Description I'm back with mapping.
This is probably my last map, I'm getting old playing this.

Most of you won't like this but I'm changing again the style of my maps.
DED to handofgod, a really good mate and map map-maker.

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Mmmm, ^^

Sorry for not showing up for some time. 4aved. Nice one

very clever.

i thought it was excellent


track me down, that's for sure.


this isn't your last map. good anyway. hope everything goes well!

deathish AGD

here's the deal. if you leave NUMA, I will track you down. i would be even more angry, except i know no one can leave permanently--it's too much fun.
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I'll be around here if my job don't get so hard.
I'm under a lot of pressure but hopefully it won't last forever.


Last map?!!
I thought your little pause in submissions was a minor hiatus... But now a full-on going away?!

Is this a 'going away' last map, or 'I'll be playing, but not making maps anymore' last map?
Of the two, I hope it's the latter.
But if, god forbid, it's the former... ;____;

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Thanks for the unknown one that rated this.
Post your demos.