Dry Juice

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Author Wizard2
Tags action author:wizard2 featured juice playable rated
Created 2008-11-25
Last Modified 2008-11-25
by 37 people.
Map Data

Description This juice is dry,
have a taste; enjoy.

This map was featured on 2009-02-02

You're dying of thirst, out here in the desert. You travel for miles and miles and then suddenly there's a whole wizard's tower for you to explore here, looming out of the dry waste.

From the rocket in the rafters to the lurking blue drone patrolling the chilly dungeons you will travel, all in search of something cold to drink.

a noble pursuit, if i do say so myself. — PALEMOON

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:D sweet man an awsome level.
a great challange me.



just looking at this map makes my tongue tingle with anticipation. faved for later...


It's flawless
I LIKE that drone. It's everywhere. I didn't actually think the rocket was that difficult - it made me feel really cool and skillsy dodging it. I am thoroughly impressed by this map. Fived.
some distinguishable quality I cannot figure out... makes it sucha striking map.




made it.
this was very enjoyable, very unusual for me.
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I'm usually a sucker for flow, but the disjointedness was a plus here. Good job
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But this is still pretty great. :)


But I don't like the hard tinge. Still, good juice. Where'd ya get it?
A shame, because it was a perfect map otherwise. 4/5


not sure what to say about the review
doesn't seem topnotch Palemoon to be, but I'm probably tired and out of it
read it in the morning


ı like ıt--4

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dry juice that is good

Nice one

Thought this was a race at first :) Good balancing, 4igged.
mmmmm taste like a 5


Have a cookie:


fast at start, slow at end.
This is good because the easiest way to go through this is not in the normal order (check demo).
It would have been real good if there was a race against the drone to get the exit. The rocket was in the perfect place.
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persistent rocket!

this map was really good. but the difficulty curve was a bit strange going from easy to medium to medium to hard to medium to hard to medium to easy to medium to medium

heh. basic runthrough of the map style ^ i dunno the order seemed wrong. i think it could be good to delete the top floorguard because the.. well not so much need but. whatever. need to pause to 'plan' your jump over the guard could often be fatal causing the rocket to catch up with you. anyway. 4. faved.
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agd death.

too addictive.
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very nice...



cool stuff

damn it

not sure about this yet, need to play it a bit more
Demo Data
almost metanet-ish.
this is really well made,
i'll try to post a demo later.

*on numa

i tried to be really sentimental and of course i screwed it up =P

I like it!