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"The pack is phenomenal... Every map is pretty damn good as-is - I think there were only one or two maps that I didn't entirely love"

-Kablizzy, playtester of PRIDE []

"A turning point... for an already well-established author

-Guitar Hero Matt, in his review of featured preview Stalactite []

"This map is absolutely amazing...the difficulty is perfect"

-Green Ghost, on the excerpt Stalactite

"The minimalistic set-up is executed perfectly, creating a stellar atmosphere which offers some unique non-linearity"

-RadiumFalcon, in his review of featured preview Fountainhead []

" of the most stylistically impressive maps I've ever played. Reminds of of barabajagal's effortless cool. 5av'd"

-Astheoceansblue, on mappack preview The Fountainhead

"I'm really liking your newest maps"

-Karmap0lice upon playing mappack preview Vent []

"Love these maps you're making lately"

-Brianlyao on Vent

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