SephyrCorp Research & Intellegencies Dpt

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Author ZivilynBane
Tags author:zivilynbane dodger featured lionsontheastroturf playable rated skyflightlaserblast
Created 2008-11-25
Last Modified 2008-11-25
by 40 people.
Map Data

Description The west wing's power-node parameter is met by the latest in solar energy collection technologies.
Similarly, the east wing's power-node parameter is met by harnessing all of the self-esteem currently not being used by teenage girls.

This map was featured on 2009-02-14

"In this guided tour of our facilities you will see that we here at SephyrCorp want to bring you the the very best...", the overhead comm channel crackles.

You've had enough of the guided tour, and want to go explore and discover by yourself, as only a black-clad ninja can. Off you go, across the steeples and walkways, and ultimately into the soot-blackened sky where adventure awaits! Good luck!


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I dont really know what to think of this... it looks nice but plays rather poorly. And i had no motivation whatsoever to go for that little piece of gold... below par 2/5

in the meantime

i was rofling at teraza.
that is just awesome, is this gap near the rocket.
its made of 99% pure awesomeness, and 1% carbon.
Demo Data
how easy this trick was. real-time demo.
Demo Data


you broke the map i.e. you cheated the map. Why did you use fbf anyway? Its not like it would really help on this map....
Faster demo
Demo Data
but I didn't see anything particularly special about it then as I don't now. I did like the tiles but the gameplay was poor 3.2/5


beat that
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tileset :|
gameplay :|
ratings :|
author :(
PALEMOON :) (awesome maps)

but its still a bit fun. so i guess a 3


Pretty. Back and forth is annoying, though.

1 letter

And the map would be practically named after me...

a bit faster.

what'd I break?
Demo Data

looks like

the "N" on all 4's smoking pot
thats what pushed me to play this map a while ago.
Abstract. It didn't need objects, felt like more of a tileset.


i dont see y it was featured, good tileset but the rest was boring. 2

aw, you broke it.


both are fbf'd.
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Demo Data
Demo Data
i swear i AGDd it then. i love this so much. it's just. so cool. the difficulty curve is great. and uh... really really cool. the end is so tricky but. i dunno. it works well as. uh. 5 and faved definitely. i still can't believe i didn't rate comment or fave before.

What is that?

I cant tell.
Really, really inspiring to me. The perfect combustion of manly souls was extremely awe-inspiring , the mecha itself is one of those head on top / head in the middle affairs, and the sunglasses don't even have a flaw. I didn't get the combination theme of the two robots, hypocritically enough.




And I agree with G3M.

i agree with


Oh, hold on.

I'm both GHM and GTM. I decided to keep both aliases after everyone inexplicably started calling me the latter. So on the forums I'm GTM, whereas here I'm Guitar_Hero_Matt, or GHM.


Right, now that I've explained it on the feature I won't have to do it again for a while. :/

i agree

GTM who is that?

i agree with


Love the simplicity!

Agreed with

GTM. 3.

I like the idea for the laser gameplay but the broken up tileset is makes it too difficult. I might try this idea sometime though...

I agree

with GTM.