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Author Grapefruit
Tags author:grapefruit playable rated speedrun tileset
Created 2008-11-30
Last Modified 2008-11-30
by 7 people.
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Description or i will kill myself
give me a link when/if u use it..

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Cool tiles :)
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i dont know how to do teleportation. well here it is []

How about

you just go kill yourself.


why do you always post depression maps and stuff like this one you say you gonna kill yourself if nobody uses it?


whats the point of the tiles on the right


I guess I won't use this! Just kidding, it's a good tileset, I just won't be able to mold a worthy map out of it's sour citris fruityness. Sorry! Oh, and 4/5.
It looks good, and quite different from most tilesets.

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Well. 3/5

its better than what i can do.
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