28-4 as the dirt is yellowy-brown

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Author ChaoStar
Tags action author:chaostar dood paradgm rated
Created 2008-12-04
Last Modified 2008-12-04
by 10 people.
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Description for paradgm shift.

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incognito-ninja, your demo is 25 frames faster than mine and mine is all gold! Nice run though. With the section after you got the switch you could have gone back up and over the top though rather than going to the bottom again, as that might have been faster.

it looks like

you have individual gold pieces scattered around the map. that doesn't look too good. you might consider clumping them, putting them in straight lines or curves, or if you insist on having single gold pieces, placing them above or around mines or something. the point is that having individual gold pieces scattered around the map looks bad. demonstrates individual gold pieces and demonstrate more aesthetically pleasing placement

i like the tileset,

but you really need to work on artistic gold placement. seriously, it's one of your greatest flaws, and it's so easy to correct. 4/5 for the concept; it was fun too.

"cool, but hard"

arent you a reviewer or something? shouldnt your vocabulary be a little.. more??

hey chaostar, nice perception here, check out mine.

no way!

I like this title!

Cool but hard

We should switch map titles :) 3.5


for all of those of you who bother watching replays, watch mine i would like feed back plz
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My god

This level is a lot harder than it looks. Finally managed pull off a sweet all gold though. ;)
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i loved the tileset.



Demo Data


if you werent so bad they wouldn't be annoying! XD
good though so its a 4.5 down for me!
great... mine is also pretty hectic..


very nice, but those rockets can get very annoying at times..
3.5 up


whats with the resubs?!