27-3 branch of the Yggdrasil

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Author ChaoStar
Tags action author:chaostar dood rated
Created 2008-11-26
Last Modified 2008-11-26
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description the flower of vengeance blooms red, spilling blood.
as Silent Death approaches, the party goes on.

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Thumbnail is very cool.



old map?...


old map, but still fun.
Demo Data


you finally see that.

I am surprised

At how easy it is.
and it looks good.

first try:
Demo Data
random stuff is so fun.



fun. cool. odd. fun. cool?
hate the rocket, love the ts.
hate the gold, love the mines.
You post a map based on the theme (right now it's Monopoly) and at the end of 24 hrs the judge picks the winner. The winner picks a new theme and a new winner/judge, and so on.


a hand stretched out with a bloody hanckerchief in her hand.. in the other lay thy sorrow truth..

(whats with the comments... i wanna know why you like my maps..) :D


Nice tiles. Keep it up. 4