miasma gardens

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Author toasters
Tags action author:toasters featured nnrpg playable rated
Created 2008-12-10
Last Modified 2008-12-16
by 20 people.
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Description Soon to be challenging atob's map for Neditor Nation. Meanwhile, try it out yourselves, although I have to warn you it's quite difficult. I found it fun to play as well though, so it didn't bother me too much.

For the Neditor Nation competiton.
Gym: atob

This map was featured on 2009-06-16

Victorian doctors thought that disease was caused by miasmas, or bad smells. Here, toasters has inflicted a plague of lasers onto this quiet town through his smelly ways.

Maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing. A once lonely place had been brought to life by those lasers, which searched every hidden nook and cranny for the ninja. They teased him, making him go out of his way to avoid them, but eventually he falls. Lasers had more suave, sophisticated ways back then.

Of course, the theme of the story is true love. Between lasers and ninjas. Me and the map. — Guitar_Hero_Matt

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I mean this is the first featured map I can remember EVER getting an AGD first try. No demo watching either. Probably slow but oh well. Anwyasy I love the look of this map and the floor is lava/fire that I tried to go with on one of my first maps but you did better and with so little items. Gameplay was great too, perfect balance. Never relaxed but never overwhelmed. Decent tile continuation (psuedo-flow) as well. 5aved
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this is still awesome


great map once i found a route ;)
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It was challenging.

And yet fun.
The two gold rooms on either side and the way the lasers interact. Brilliant.

Not a fan of the aesthetics, and some of the object placement seems a little sloppy, but they're pretty minor worries next to the gameplay on offer.

Good stuff.


Fantastic map.


very fun, and well placed lasers
5 from me :D
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awesome map

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Just perfect. The lasers worked together explicitly, the gold was well placed, the tiles were fun to move on. A triumph. 5aved.


I cant get agd at all. The laser always flys in out of nowhere and kills me. If I was good at keeping track of all the lasers I would really love this map.

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here's a speed

and my god i can get all the gold but then going up for the door switch is difficult

this was very interesting, though. i liked how everythingworked together, and i love how there's so many ways for the lasers to hit you. you'll just be jumping and then all 3 will suddenly open fire and it's intense. i'll try to do AGD but i get frustrated easily so no promises :)
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like I said, a toughie
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