She Saw Me With Four Eyes

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Author Lightning55
Tags action author:lightning55 playable unrated
Created 2008-12-10
Last Modified 2008-12-10
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Description I just can't keep adding on to my DDA. It is so boring to watch the thing over and over again just to add a few frames every minute or so. It takes FOREVER... So, I decided to make (and play) a nice neo-action map. I decided to use trampolines in an action map o.0

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wow. hectic.

very hectic indeed!4

good luck.

Heh beethoveN

nice. I had an AGD - 4, but I lost it =/

I'll try to get an AGD.

I'd like to

Finish it. =]

5aved btw
some levels have insane flow, and some maps have mind-blowing close calls, but what lightning 55 has done here goes beyond that. it is not a race, nor is it a dda, it is just an action map. wait; it is not just an action map, it is a brilliant action map. what he has done with the map: 'She Saw Me With Four Eyes' goes beyond a normal action map. he has incorporated gameplay with what seems to be a rocky mountain atmosphere. he put ingenious lasers to make you going rough. watch out! they're coming from all sides!


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and did a fast run for you :)
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Pretty good

idk it was missing something

ok run
Demo Data
It has just gotten so boring.


i got the same thing with the dda im stuck in it though i cant figure out how to go anywhere in it