Crooked Deal

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Author Nexx
Tags action author:nexx playable rated rocket
Created 2008-12-10
Last Modified 2008-12-10
by 15 people.
Map Data

Description An attempt to try something new (for me). Mildly successful.

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...4 years later and here is a faster speed run :D...
Demo Data


Simply amazing! 5aved

Decent Speedrun :D

I liked this map. It was a solid map. Every bit of it was very polished and well-exected. The mines were well-placed and the aesthetics were on-par. My only complaint is that this map struck me as very generic. But there's nothing wrong with that in this case. Nice job.

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slow agd

Demo Data
i definetly think so.. its one of the best maps I've ever played.. 5aved and loved..


what was yor old avvie aout


...i couldn't break 940 :(...but ive moved on :P...i did every jump the same but still...
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...beautiful demo...faster is definitely so effort...

Hell Yea!

My finals are done and the competition here is starting to heat up :D
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Demo Data
Wow. Each part flows seamlessly into the other. Idk what it is, but this makes me feel wonderful when I play it. 5.
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...guess who?...


...nice AGD mam ill see what i can do when i get home...

Faster, Xerces

Demo Data


...its frames are 984 if you wanna go for a faster...


...well nice AGD seifer i have a faster demo saved at my house in case someone beat it but im visiting some friends atm...ill post it once i get home for sure...

cool map



All of the enemies semmed to co-imngle really well, and the tiles were great to play around with. Liked the linear freeform stuff too. 4 from me.


lovely map
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Demo Data


...nice AGD it didnt seem faster and had less flow...but you are the king...ill try and get a faster one after i own some noobs in pokerstars...

Thanks, Xerces

I should make you another ded. :P
And thanks to everyone else as well.

Here's a slightly faster AGD (with a different approach to the starting room):
Demo Data

... is a slow speed run...
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...Nexx ive loved your maps since the beginning...this one is no exception...good sense of speed and accomplishment when you get a faster AGD...

...faster AGD...
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but hey probley not to other N players.

other than that 5aved.

I dunno,

I just like the drones to be moving, for whatever reason I'm not fond of code editing them. Whenever I tried it before, I felt like I was getting away with something..
That makes it sound like a big complaint, but it's not really, and if it's going to hurt the gameplay then you definitely should leave it as is.

Darn, triple post

My first post was a response to destiny, the second was a response to toasters.
The drone itself or the fact that it's NaN'd? Because if it's the latter, then what would you suggest? I want the drone to stay more or less where it is because if it moved down, it would make that room annoying to exit. So if I didn't NaN it, I'd probably set it to surface-follow in mid-air so it just goes in a small circle.

That's a good idea

Since the center of the top right seems empty. I would have to rethink the mid-right room, but that would've been cool.


I liked how the action climaxed in the exit key room, but I don't like NaN'd drones. 4/5
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Pretty fun

I think having the door at the top right would of been cool
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I wish I was this good at mapping
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