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Author mintnut
Tags asobiseksuster author:mintnut nnrpg unrated
Created 2008-12-13
Last Modified 2008-12-13
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Map Data

Description On gentle ground,
I waited for you.

Don't like this much.

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Watch the gauss.
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I disagree Be_N, the jump elements of this map really complement the gauss and imo something this polished and engaging to play is akin to the most delicate vanilla tarts, filled with panache, if that is also a food. Liked the aesthetics too. 4


I accidentally reported nDEAVOUR's comment for abuse :(

I really like the map, btw. It's super fun to get the gold right of the gauss.


It has a nice atmosphere and the jumps are difficult but fun. I like how its a good mine jumper but all of the mines follow a certain theme.

Also I hate it when you cant get that awesome map in you head onto the N canvas. It sucks.


I love deliberate shortcuts.
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Fast for me.
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Demo Data


almost lost it there at the end. Then I did.

-What's with the guass shooting into the top left corner when I get the left gold?-

Thats fine then

i just didnt believe the map, was used to its full potential, its only my opinion though, it is a good map


I resent that somewhat. I wasn't aiming for action packed or whatever.

just a little bland

the lone sniper didnt really do it for me 4

Could not

get what I had in my head down.