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Author chume14
Tags author:chume14 button chume puzzle rated time world
Created 2008-12-30
Last Modified 2009-04-12
by 7 people.
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Description Push the button. This ones more like a puzzle type map feedback please.

no. 9

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thanks good feedback I'll cut down

A bit too much gold




Its just I always get like 3 or 4 people commenting on and rating my map and then it dosn't get a rating which is nice to get.
I like the idea of the hidden door openers behind those bounce blocks. There are a lot of comments.


Do you mind checking my latest map? It's getting pushed down pretty fast.

My bad

didn't realize you were the same person as below yep feel pretty stupid now

I did rate

And it's all well and good to use different types of enemies, but you want to give the gameplay a theme; putting all types of enemies in a single map rarely works, as I learned the hard way XD






this is suppost to be a puzzle so you can make moves like not letting out the rocket till late to make it easier if you think about it.
and i also loved the top section and how you were closed off in there unless you unlocked the door. The drone section was tough, but in a challenging way which made it semi-fun. All in all, i sort of disagree with those below me. im giving this a 4

Thank you

Finaly useful comment that actualy helps.I did have a laser cause I was trying to use all enemys and you can shut chaingun away once you get up the top if you want and I think its harder to avoid rocket and laser that rocket and chaingun but I take your point for future thank you.(also can you rate :)
Maybe a laser would have been better. Also, if you had a laser, you could also position it so that you don't need the floorchasers; you did have a thwump too, after all. Also, the thwumps were used pretty well; that was a good thing. :)

How not

feedback please and I couldn't have got the same affect without floorchasers like this