Fractured Fortress

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Author tktktk
Tags author:tktktk bitesized featured playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-10-11
by 52 people.
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Description Find a way through the remnants of this ancient fortress to claim your rightful place as King of Total Awesomeness. And maybe grab some gold along the way, if ya feel like it.

This map was featured on 2009-01-22

“Jumper maps”

That phrase gets thrown around a lot these days. People think a map’s a jumper puzzle simply because it’s got a fast chimneying session, or another trivial detail. The actual meaning’s gotten a little lost in NUMA these days, so here’s a reminder of what it truly takes to be a jumper puzzle

You’ll need every inch of talent in your body to storm the ramparts and be king of this castle. Your bones will ache, your back will break. But after making it to the top, the pinnacle of scale and mastery, isn’t it all worth it?

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I agree with atob.

I'm like him. I just don't have the patience for this sort of thing. Although I'm sure if I did, I would love it.
Then that's not my problem. I've found that a lot of people I know, including me, misuse the term a lot; I'm not referring to anyone in specific. Just an opinion, which may or may not be allowed on the internet these days.

Secondly, the end was meant to be as obviously trite as the description of the map. In all fairness tktktk was never letting the map take itself too seriously. I've really been struggling to make anything serious recently, click the link [] to see what I mean.
Trite ending, yes, but he in no way was condescending. The review was pretty good; I liked it more than the map.
Heh, the review felt condescending, it started with the presumption that I know nothing of an entire genre, and finished up with some clichéd hot air.

The map itself would benefit from allowing the user not to perform the jump off the bottom 6 tile quite so many times.

I'm impatient too

But a little fbfing solves that if you'arn't doing it professionally. That's what I did to play through the top sections :P
It's because people have differing opinions on enjoyment. Crazy, huh?

I don't like this style of jumper, I'm too impatient, but this is very well made.
not really a single problem with it to be honest.

good job



Love this map
Demo Data

Fastest Cheated

Don't know if this is even worth posting, but fastest using Underclock mode. Just playing round with it because I only just got it and the run looks good.

As for the map great, just great.

Demo Data

First try AGD.

Demo Data

Also echarin,

Beast demo.
Still great fun.
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I didn't even expect it to become a conversation.


I'm completely surprised I'm not the slowest.

Watch if you want to see failure after failure.

And people, Why the FUCK do we always bitch about the feature. Get the fuck over it and if you really don't like something, take it to the forums, don't deface people's maps.
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Honestly who cares about comma splices? Features are like an art, like poetry. Poetry doesnt follow all of the rules in normal grammar. Lay off.

*rolls eyes*

grammar noob.

Oh I just realized

"But" is a conjunction XD My bad
It's called a comma splice, people.

I know

Let me put it in a better way; my last post was kinda vague

A main clause is basically a clause that can stand alone as a sentence. If he were to change the period to a comma, there would be three:
1)Your bones will ache
2)Your back will break
3)Isn't it all worth it?
All three of those can stand alone.


not necessarily. its only a runon sentence if it sounds like one.

runon sentence:
"a written sequence of two or more main clauses that are not separated by a period or semicolon or joined by a conjunction."
and about the map, I agree with yungerkid, tbh.


That would create a run-on sentence. There would be like 5 commas.


umm...don't see what's so great about it.

cool review

you said "these days" twice in the first paragraph, which you could have replaced with something like "nowadays" or simply get rid of the second use of the phrase. sounds better that way.

also, in the second paragraph

"...Your back will break. But after making it..."

should be

"...Your back will break, but after making it..."



a demo :)
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I love this level. It is simple, yet not easy, and looks fantastic.


this puzzle is great! 5/5! here's my demo
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All gold

Demo Data

Great job guys...

I'm really glad you all liked it.

And wellsj, you don't need to do the same jump twice to get all gold. The same chunk of tile, but not necessarily the same jump.

all gold demo

this is the longest demo i've ever left on NUMA. lol. my second time playing the map. i liked it, except for the fact that you had to do the beginning jump twice to get all gold. 4.5
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This is my favourite map of this series so far. I love the tileset and the difficulty of the level, very well done.

5/5 and favourited

you always make the best tilesets

Speed run

All gold would kill me...
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another incredible puzzle with so little to work with. you keep raising the bar tktktk!

Another A+

for tktktk, the over achiever.

faster all gold

my lord I love this map
Demo Data
but all gold. Anyone w/half a brain will give this 5/5, EXCELLENT jumper puzzle, really amazing, incredible
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Always love your maps.