Difficult DoorEerie Maze 2

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Author DigitalDuck
Tags author:digitalduck complex dooreerie maze playable rated
Created 2009-01-22
Last Modified 2009-01-22
by 5 people.
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Description Like a DoorEerie, but a maze. And it never quite goes where you expect it to...

This maze is completely different to my first maze, is more elitist, has a higher river factor, and to get to the exit, you spend most of your time heading away from it.

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My only complaint is that there is a point in which you fall through doors that open up below you, but if you fall too fast it's fatal. I like the idea of the falling through doors (I even did it in my Split Personality map), but having it end fatally is not a very good idea in my opinion. Other than that, very well done. 4/5 (-1 only because of the fatal fall)

Oh God

I was pretty bored.

It's great, and I liked how it was possible, even if you first went the wrong way.

I suggest you do not watch this
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Ell Oh Ell! I got it first try, I like the idea though.

that is a cruel map.
STRANGELY addicting, yet makes you feel sick.
as keninja said, waaaay waaay too much.

my eyes are so sore.

And usually

you don't make eeries open like this, like with a choice.
I glitched it, see?
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i like door eeries, but this is too much man, waaaay too much.