Water Land

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Author -LordOfPeanuts-
Tags action author:-lordofpeanuts- lordofpeanutsisawsome puzzle rated
Created 2009-02-07
Last Modified 2009-02-07
by 16 people.
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Description Critics rave Water Land. Rolling Stone gives it 5/5* stars saying “I would…play this map again” and “this map is…good.”** Witness the greatness of a ninja trying to turn off a giant faucet! Play it now on a computer near you!

*rating might not be true
**several words, such as “not”, may have been left out

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Because it is a puzzle

very nice.

very nice. faved.
this map is seriously lacking. could've been great.


is the single most creative thing in Neditor I have ever seen. Instant 5ave

Oh btw

this is a continuation of a series i was making a while ago: Desert Land: Pipe Land: Ice Land: Grass Land:


was for _destiny^_ but karmapolice sums it up better than me


turn the faucet off first


wow, thats super creative!!! It took me a while to figure it out and I thought, how do you turn off water, you turn the tap off, and voila! freaking awesome work! 5aved
Demo Data
I can't get anywhere near that key.
Demo Data


do you figure these things out?


start with a tile. Put a trap door on the space on top of it. Now go look in the level data and find the door. It starts with 9^. change the 3rd number for the door to a letter. so it should should look like 9^192,50,F. then load the data. Now make a drone go through the top of the tile and ta-da!

boom*, sorry
5aved. Amazing job.
@kablamo_boo You can see the mechanism by looking at the level in edit mode.

can u teach me how to do that, that is soooo cool


5/5 how do u do that?? that is super special awesome!