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Author Jedi_kMaster
Tags action author:jedi_kmaster dificult hard playable tricksy unrated
Created 2009-02-11
Last Modified 2009-02-11
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description At last, I am finished.

Usually my maps take ten to sixty minutes, this one took at least three times that. So here we have something that i have attempted to make an experience of n gaming.

This map is, by my standards, difficult. If you are not a relatively good player, i have no doubt that your frail ninja body will meet many ends. I have thoroughly tested it, it is not impossible. It used to be much much harder but then i could only beat it 1 out of 50 times so...

Most awesome AGD gets at least one ded map.

On a final note: it is highly recommended that when entering jumpads facing sideways that you continue to hold the button respective of the direction you are intending to go.

Please, please, please RCE

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thats fine with me.