Drive Right In

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Author sTalkR
Tags action author:stalkr race unrated
Created 2009-02-12
Last Modified 2009-02-12
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
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Description oh yes - it's a race. with that abstract, awkward flow we all love. and a shitload of rockets.

for the PMM competition.

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I thought you left.


The aesthetics were very good but what really makes this deserve a 5/5 is the style.
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so wow, your maps are amazing, and sooo under appreciated. I just flipped through and rated about ten of them and was very impressed with their quality. The only issue I think that is preventing you from getting the attention you deserve might be that there are to many unnecessary objects in your map, and (although I really cant say anything about my self) your activity on the forums might prevent (or more specifically - lack of activity) might prevent people from ever beginning to recognize your name.
I really hope your still active on NUMA though because your most recent map looks like it was like 2 months ago...


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faster agd demo, lol its fun
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I like how crazy it is lol, and fun path, the only thing I didn't like was the gauss, but everything else was awesome, great work
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oh this is a race? omg that changes so much, goes to play

i like this...

kinda short but fun.
missed oen gold : (
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yeah, um...

you do know what the word 'race' means don't you?


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