Confused Circles

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Author ganteka
Tags author:ganteka ganteka-style styles unrated
Created 2009-02-15
Last Modified 2009-02-15
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Description Really want a featured map and trying to develop my style.
This is my style with a few -what does atob call them? in his guide? the little parts that make up a map?- anyway, inspired by Minion of Pi

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Just imagine it's so. BTW, don't drop out of MOA! We need you! It's gonna be fun, man... I'm sticking with it, and if rates say anything, you have even more of a chance of making a difference than I do! I'm just in it for fun... So you should stay. It's a good idea on Chaostar's part, and I'm going to support it all the way! Please don't leave!


i would agree with you. this style is nice. just needs more mechanics inserted in, and general gameplay. then you'd have yourself a featurable map.



Love the formula
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Demo Data
thats it


the mechanics?


surprisingly fun jumping around to get all the gold. Could have used some more body, as opposed to just one idea smeared all over the page. Although, as it was, it was fairly full with fun-ness as well. A solid 3.5 up from me.
one sec checking now
i tried reading that but i didnt notice help. THere is no doubt its a very good way to make a good map though.