Destroying the Indivisable

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Author geti
Tags action apse author:geti collab featured long playable rated
Created 2009-02-18
Last Modified 2009-02-18
by 34 people.
Map Data

Description Collab with apse! This was a blast to make, it has a really good feeling behind it, and some fun pathing.
I'll shut up, you play it.

This map was featured on 2009-09-12

Destroying the Indivisable was one of the first maps I ever played on NUMA, over eight months ago. Today, I still regard it as one of my favourite maps. Its centrepiece features some of the best one-way aesthetics that I’ve ever seen, and, combined with the smaller outer sections, it forms a really enjoyable map that maintains a good balance between looks and gameplay. — Seneschal

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Oh, damn.

Lack of spellcheck fail :P

be quiet

and learn to spell yourself.

misspelled title


not indivisable
large amounts on pointless topics of which I am rightly proud. Perhaps some day I shall do a whole paragraph on flag but not today.

Fuck you, Tunco.

Demo Data


glad that's sorted out.


Yeah, you're right, "aesthetics" is a highly overused and clichéd word in reviews, and I'm guilty of it. Having taken out all of the one-ways in ned, I think I would probably admit that they don't add positively to the aesthetics, but I don't think they have a negative effect either. So on reflection, I think mechanics would have been a better word to use, and I probably should have edited the review more thoroughly (since all I changed from submitting it as a sample review was the bit about the date).
....the overall review was alright, just that in my opinion; a column of one-ways doesn't really contribute positively to a map's aesthetics - and I know exactly what aesthetics means - It's one of the most overused words in reviews. At least one in every two maps has a derivative of the word and is often misused or clichéd.

I also agree with T3chno's comments, it's a bit too cluttered, has some awkward moments and chimneying up one ways is just downright frustrating, especially when you're highscoring.. but it did also have a lot of good moments too. I think if the maps was more refined and played more smoothly I'd be more inclined to give a thumbs up to this. Anyway... I'm not trying to take anything away from this geti and apse collab. Just some points of interest.

Well done on nabbing a feature anyway :/

grats with feature



I like this map.

Fun! :D

I like this

I don't like Lord_Day

hahah flag

true, but tsuki would have been more eloquent about it.

cheers shortshift, superstardomx and slick, sorry you had trouble with it t3chno.. some parts dont flow perfectly unless you execute the jump amazingly, which kinda comes with practice once you know the layout.


One of the best featured maps in a long time


flagmyidol with /the zing/


I'm proud of you. I doubt even Suki could type so much about something so pointless.


Found it too difficult in terms of navigate. I had to think too much of where to go to have some fun. :/


Grats on your feature geti
Those who like this, go give apse some love!
Those who don't like this, go give apse some love!
Cause he deserves it :]

PALEMOON, i laughed.

I'm glad those who like it like it a lot. Shame it isnt your kind of thing, l_d, ska and eganic.


geti feature!

Oh noes

Also, ska:
Aesthetics, noun:
A guiding principle in matters of artistic beauty and taste; artistic sensibility.
Yes, this is exactly what I meant. In my eyes, it has both good aesthetics and mechanics.
I can see why you find the review cringeworthy, though; I do too, a bit; it was one of my sample reviews, though, so it must have been good enough to get me this job.
I wonder why.

oh and also

I enjoyed the map
so obviously a computer couldn't give map rating representing how good a map is Eganic. What do you mean a map shouldn't have a public rating based on what other people think of it, these other people you speak of make up the community of numa and the idea of a map rating is to represent their opinions which is what it does (all though not as well as if it was more accurate containing half ninjas). You can't say a statistic which is designed to represent peoples opinions is flawed because the opinions of the people it represents are incorrect. Maybe these people do make unfair decisions based on moments of opinion but thats the fault of the people themselves and not the system. In this way it reminds me of democracy maybe people are swayed by factors irrelevant to the ability of the potentially elected candidates to rule but its still better than other system which depend on the opinions of a few. Anyway some of the more knowledgeable members of the community already have their extra ability to present us with maps they consider better this is the purpose of featuring and bite-sizing. There has to be some-way for good map to receive more recognition and I think these methods are better than others what do you suggest instead?

oh eganic

you and your ambitions
because a map shouldnt have a public rating based on what other people think of it. as it is, a map's public rating is based purely on the moments opinion. its whoever's there at the time and whatever they think about the map. maybe even what mood they're in. its a terrible, flawed system. if there was a standard that every map had to abide by to get a certain rating, that would be fine, but who's ever going to make a program that rates each map effectively and fairly every time based on the same criteria?
This part of the review made me cringe a little bit. Seneschal - Do you even understand the meaning of the word, 'aesthetics'!? Perhaps you meant to say "mechanics"? Looking back, I think I was being very generous when rating this..

So much so I'd be leaning to a 3.25/5 now..


That's why it's a terrible idea to use "average" as an explanation of the various rates.


i really wouldn't say this is below average... considering what the "average" is at this site.
great job with the whole thing 5


I heart this map. 4/5.


im with LD. this is nasty and unorganized in all aspects.


A frame faster than ad's.
Demo Data


2/5 is a below average rating. I felt that this map was below average.

Man that's a horrible demo, I guess I can say I've improved in the past 7 months. Congrats on feature, I remember coming back to this a few times