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Sometimes I map, sometimes I don't. I'm still around, just not as much as the days of yore. Most of my maps include a gratuitous amount of five tiles, because I think they look good with E and one tiles. Which I use a lot.

Owner of a map pack [], a comic that I most likely won't update anymore [] because life (wow), as well as two failed competitions.

I'd love to think other authors out there actually enjoy my maps, but I believe they've left a long time ago. Contrary to popular belief, I'm still around perusing the archives but I rarely comment because I feel bad not posting demos with comments.

Actually, you'll probably see me on nReality beating Aidiera on the highscores list. I'd probably be doing the same on speedruns but Mohit_Ghune is an absolute beast.

This horse will haunt me for the rest of my life.

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E-H-3 43-1 Who's That Under the Gauss Turret Picture me, a magazine, and the emptiness Pink Lemonade I Have No Memory Of This Place Walk Through Walls