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Author Kool-aid
Tags author:kool-aid challenge mine-jumper rated
Created 2009-02-19
Last Modified 2010-01-22
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description sugah plums

ded to chume for first agd on my last map
also to meta_ing for quickest time/agd

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this is hard.

but pretty cool. I'm not RCE'ing any more >.<

My arms hurt...
never realized you avatar was atmosphere your right their the shit but I've only every heard their debut album and I didn't know they looked like that =)
sorry for triple post

just saying in case

you didn't know these 1-ways aren't reliable
Demo Data

oK so sorry

maybe I got confused/overreacted/was wrong thanks for this and for being nice about it I'll do a ded to you some time anyways this map is cool like a slowed down version of understandable anyway heres a slow demo I'll try to get agd
Demo Data


a completion demo
if yah need it
Demo Data

first try

thats hard
Demo Data


sooo i cant do this for my life haha
i like the mine and gold placements