Tanks for everything!

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Author protectedlord
Tags action author:protectedlord beatable finished medium playable rated
Created 2009-02-24
Last Modified 2009-02-24
by 5 people.
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Description (thanks) heh well I wasnt sure if I should have submitted this map or not... I dont like it much...

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Soo close

this was also fun the one-way gold chambers were very cool thought the tiles up the top didn't fit. I agree with technochocolate disable ratings is an option and also the "should I submit this to numa" thread on the forums you made the right choice with this though 4.2/5
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And I fully agree with karmap0lice, though I am a sucker for chaingun drones. You get a 5aved from me.

Oh, and a suggestion: Whenever I submit a map I am unsure of, I disable ratings.
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this maps insane!!! O_O insanely fun and chaotic that is! excellent work, EXTREMELY fun, faved!!!
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