Feel Good Inc.

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Author cheesemonger
Tags author:cheesemonger gorillaz rated tileset usable
Created 2009-02-24
Last Modified 2009-02-24
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description Unfortunately I wasn't able to make a windmill that looked good, so it looks a bit crap.

If you know how to make a good windmill on this scale, or if you just want to use this as a tileset, please leave a message on this thread and credit me on your submission. Furthermore, I would appreciate it if you left a link to it on this page.
Thanks, please rate and leave constructive criticism!

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I know though I tried and its hard to make it look good (windmills that is)


improvable. quite good as tileset but as gorillaz song n-art...? well I don't know where you took that picture from because i don't know the gorillaz very well...
thanks for rating, but if you once viewed this map it wouldn't do any harm if you also have a look at the other maps of this series and those which will follow:


go ahead.

can i use it

i have a good map in mind and its not a minejumper

Oh ok,

with the picture, the top half actually looks better than I previously thought.

defo gorilaz

the video had a floating piece of land with a windmill on it

I tried to copy

the design from here:
Yeah, I kinda mucked up the top bit.

Gorillaz song?

I liked the bottom half, but the top half looks a bit off. I kind of see how this is like a windmill though ;)