The Usual Suffix

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Author bluenin
Tags action author:bluenin rated
Created 2009-02-25
Last Modified 2009-02-27
by 5 people.
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Description Dedicated to life247, for playing quite a few of my maps the other day.

Please enjoy.

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the two gold thing looks snazzy two ;)

Here's your ded [] i made for you the other day:

(81.100) AGD - 2
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speedrunning was good though.
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This is the route I found through the place, it works pretty well. I didn't have any problem with the drones except for the fact that three of them ended up in the same place and didn't keep on going. The doors under the exit? were a bit odd too. No problems with the tileset and it was still quite fun
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AGD death

Sorry you didn't like it.
I wanted to make a map that was difficult for a good player, but forgiving enough for anyone. Using my route, I think the drones are extremely effective.
I didn't want to give away the best route, but here's crappy demo.
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thanks for the ded.

a few things:

-the drones were almost all horribly placed, with three of them getting stuck
-the gold was bad as well, especially the ones with the mines in between them
-the tileset had little going on, quite substandard compared to your usual maps
-the doors were bad, especially the ones by the exit

as you can see, I severely dislike this map, and would give it a two if not for the fact that it is dedicated to me.

even still, I am grateful for the reimbursement, but would've preferred some looks at my maps.

here's an agd which I really don't want to try to beat.
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nice drone pathing. it was just a bit too annoying for me to AGD, but I enjoyed it.


i love it. 4/5 and could you look at my latest map?
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