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Author stepself
Tags action author:stepself bitesized gauss playable rated rockets
Created 2005-10-22
Last Modified 2007-06-24
by 41 people.
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Description Turret-based. Looks peachy. Give it a whirl.

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your life?

l 0

there is absolutly no point to this level


is a touchdown. A masterpiece really.. all gold anyone?


you even think of stopping to make maps, i'll... theres not rely that much i can do, actualy. just keep at it!

5/5! (wish I could give it 7 or 8 out of five...)


this kicks totally, 4.5 and i just want to say that stepself is the best ever! easily one one of the most stylish mapmakers here, so yeas, everyone raise their glases to stepself...


Wow. I'm blown away. A new favorite map. I really really liked this. No joke! Also I beat the map on my first attempt. No joke either. Not the best demo, but it was my first try and I didn't go for gold, but the gold adds alot and works good. 5/5! Not one fault.
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Ditto with wells.

yay for chaotix

hes an amazing genius

you people

It's a stroke so that's obviously a blood vessel. The main vessel appears clogged at one end, and you can see the capilaries branching off.
very very fun though! 4.5


Wow man that's cool. Incredible tileset. Looks like a large root of a vegetable :)

4.5 *Fav'd*

Truly a marvelous level, the tile set itself deserves high praise. *applauds*


Superslow completion.
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