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Author _destiny^-
Tags 5735 author:_destiny^- destiny maylagonslowpc playable race rated
Created 2009-03-26
Last Modified 2010-01-22
by 49 people.
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Description Race of The Year 2009.

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This is, like, one of the best race maps I've ever played. Seriously cool and unexpected flow stuff going on here.

This demo was done at 15 FPS.
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Not enjoyable. The race doesn't always flow naturally.



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nice work man ;D

aww -__-

congrats on the dronie! this is an awesome race (obviously)
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on the dronie!!!
and i got the fastest agd ^^

took me about 20 tries though... and faster is still possible with non fbf.
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That is all.


i need to get back to work

...4.7/5 rounded down

wow, really??

That's actually a fair accomplishment, some of my maps are pretty damned hard.

If only...

...I had a t-shirt saying "_destiny^_ : Played all maps - Beaten %99" on the front

You're the awesomest among awesomes. :)
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This race is

very cool


left side ascend=2/5, middle descend=6/5
average(not really)=4.5
i love this map.


997 Frames. :)
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<3 Bounceblocks <3


just on this - the bounce blocks made this map. ;P


you have absolutely mastered the art of seamlessly melding flow through complicated sections with lots of enemies.

thwumps were all over the place without affecting gameplay too much, gold was spot on...

i haven't faved a race with this much fervor since bunnies.

Thankyou guys

Glad you all liked it ^^


its gone down to 4! what is this! demo i could get ^^
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wtf! I mean, I never really liked races that filled the whole map because it felt like you added a bunch of random stuff to use as much space as possible, but this was just so well done, and I love the speed, I love the technical jumps, its just so well done, one of the best races ever made (that I've played) faved

Kinda hard,

but it makes it that more satisfying in the end. Very awesome, 5aved, you're my favorite race maker now. Great job.

awesome race

one of your best. funny how the middle still felt claustrophobic even though it looked quite open. i suppose it was all the thwumps and enemies around there. difficulty was good too, a bit of a challenge. 5aved.
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i give up

i cant beat the top of that stupid chimney in the beginning

o well still good

Damn you ska.

I'll beat you. Great race destiny 5/5
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Dedication.. 5/5


I didn't think it was so great, but thanks ^^
was incredible.
one of your best races in MIO

great stuff

5aved + agd.
demo on nreality: 195.275
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The later half of this map is some of your best work, imo.


is one of your best races. Other than the difficulty for me to find the flow on the left side at the beginning, because I couldn't do that jump right, this is virtually flawless.


if i attempt this level, i will surely die.

thumbnail looks good though so its a thumbs up from me.


I like how the thumbnails of your races look like a big chunk of everything


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