Cat's Cradle

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Author Nexx
Tags author:nexx cec featured floorguards puzzle rated
Created 2009-04-12
Last Modified 2009-04-12
by 66 people.
Map Data

Description IT'S A PUZZLE! And don't press left on the last teleporter.

For CEC, though it's late, so it might not get in. :(

This map was featured on 2009-05-11

From the moment you pass through the center and attract the attention of the floor guards, you know this map will have some odd twist or turn which you'll have to pay attention to. It's not about gathering gold or speeding through (at least not to begin with), it's about how well you can perform the path required for completion.
This is one of my favourite puzzles, especially since Nexx was limited by floor guards and mines. The result is spectacular and I hope you find as much enjoyment and creativity when running through this as I did. Have fun! — origami_alligator

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I guess
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what a cool pizzle
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I still come back

and I marvel at how amazing your maps were.
this concept is amazing. It took me a couple playthroughs to realize what the puzzle was :P Excellent concept, excellent execution. 5

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You deserved atleast one, although I had no clue for what. If there was a 'best MoA judge' dronie, you'd be my nominee.



yo Nexx

puzzle map of the year! congratulations!

we need more people like you in the world. if not our world is as bland as when it was born.
Seriously. You're a genius in the best way possible. I love this.

5/5, of course.

Suicide 2!

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Fast Suicide.

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completion on NReality, fav'd also.


There's the traditional route that Nexx planned out, but if you check my demo in one of these here comments below you'll see that it is in fact pretty non-linear if you don't care about how fast you complete the map, AGD or otherwise.


Well, I didn't see a puzzle like this before, and it's amazing.


I know of at least two solutions, one of which I think I can complete, the other of which I saw in nReality highscores.

In other news, this is an incredible blend of the spirit of N and a puzzle.


Danggggggggggg, this is clever. The only thing is that there's only one solution that I know of, which makes this a little linear.
of wtf just happened (check stark of demo)

AGD. Great puzzle
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...Most Innovative use of teleporters ever. Fullstop.


simple as.


One of the best puzzle maps I've come across, a great concept and execution.

yes. innovative.

execution... I don't know.
Could've been done better I think..
Solid 4






try this:
1) Click in the demo data field, then press ctrl + A / Select All the demo data.
2) Ctrl + C / Copy the selected data
3) Paste the demo data into the demo data box in N
4) Click Out side the data box
5) Press "3" then "Q" then "P"
6) Make sure Caps Lock is switched On

If you follow these directions the demo data should work.
Hope that helps...
whenever i play anyone's demo, i just get the ninja dying the same way for everyone one of you all. i am playing it right but i cannot see anything different. could anyone help me play demos?


I commented this map before it was featured and now its not here! >:(

truly brilliant, excellent work, excellent feature
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that is so clever. and great to look at. 5aved.


actually played this when it was submitted, I wonder why I didn't comment...

Very good map!
How do teleporters work by the way?

}I saw Life's demo

And that trick with the floor gaurds is absolutely amazing.
What more to say? 5aved....



Thanks for the feature, southpaw! :)

And my apologies to everyone for not being able to overcome that problem of dying when you press left on the exit teleporter.

And I think it's interesting that all of my 3 featured maps have floorguards as a main enemy.
Gawd. Excellent door use.

This map is genious

'nuff said.


5aved. :)

You forgot

to mention fractions ;)
This map took me about an hour to figure out. I'm not good at teleporters by any means... especially since the last one kept killing me. 5'd and faved.