Au Revoir

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Author cheesemonger
Tags account-change au author:cheesemonger last-map rated revoir speed-challenge
Created 2009-04-13
Last Modified 2009-04-13
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description There will be a ded to the first person to get a sub 150 completion.
I am changing my account and will explain why here to avoid confusion.
I forgot the password to this account. Now, I hear you thinking, 'How can you be logged in then?'
The answer is that, perhaps foolishly, I never actually logged off. The result of which is that I have completely forgotten my password. This may not be a problem, but my computer has a habit of freezing/not working/etcetera. It would be typical of this computer to log me off without consulting me, so I'd rather not take the risk. It happened with the forums, but luckily I remember my password there.
The change will also reflect a change in NUMA policy for me. On the new account I will probably only release maps from mappacks and make them for competitions. I also hope to rate more strictly (I won't rate any maps I already rated on this account).
The ded will be on the first map of my new account.

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Demo Data

To everyone,

My 149 frame demo was fake. I cheated.

But here is a 149 frame demo!
Demo Data
You were the first user that stood out when I came to Numa. I think one of your maps was the first in the active authors section the first time I came.

its not faster

but check out the sweet thuwmp jump!
Demo Data

i NEVER log off



where have all the KITTY PORN pictures gone?:D
does your profile description mean I have to fear your ratings???
^simple, quick,speedy map >> 3.55^

im 149

:) i win i win!!!
geckos is 150
Demo Data


to do image [img] map data.

to do a clickable image do [url=the website[[img] map data.


"The change will also reflect a change in NUMA policy for me. On the new account I will probably only release maps from mappacks and make them for competitions"


you will also be making an occasional brilliant survival and telling me about it. Its your duty :)


about Keninja's? Is that 150 or more? I didn't actually check.

Demo Data

Sorry to say

But that is also 150 frames Scruffy. =/


Demo Data

bye bye CM

oh, and why did you pick a name I can't spell?



Demo Data


Well thanks for telling me, Meta_Ing, even though it is too late now.

*It's impossible to corner jump off the blue side of a thwump going horizontally.


Whoever forgot their password I mean.

Also, I'm pretty sure that rozer's suggesion is impossible, as, at least from what I know, it's impossible to corner jump off that side of a thwump going horizontally.

apse -

It may be too late now, but in order to get your password, you could have opened your [n_v14b_userdata] .sol in notepad (or whatever the mac equivalent would be) and searched for userpass Your password would then be to the right of that.

(this is assuming you were logged in under the account that you forgot the password for)

By the way, geckos demo ends a frame early. If you change the number to 150 or higher, you'll see it actually also ends at 150. =/

By the way, how

heey kitty porn

this map will be remembered


This here's my new profile, but you can call me kitty porn if you want.
That doesn't mean exclusively though...



bye cheesemonger

helloooo kitty porn



keninjas is actually 159
play it and then look at demo data and it has magically transformed to 159


gets the ded, by a minute...
Comiserations to geckos who came close.
So long.


too late : (

yeah boi

Demo Data


time for the epic MAPPACK lolz
Demo Data


i agree.

I will

forever be associated with kitty porn now.


Maybe that should be my new username...


you just need to corner on the thwump


ska you idiot!
it was ska!
it was ska!
it was ska!
but I think it's impossible to get lower than 150
still, I liked it's simplicity


is the demo to beat.
Demo Data