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Author cheesemonger
Tags author:cheesemonger collab landscape tree unrated
Created 2009-04-02
Last Modified 2009-04-02
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Colla between me and da_guru []. He made the tiles and edited the gameplay, I made the gameplay and edited the tiles.

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another question

When will you release the rest of your map pack? (If you did, would you let me know?)
Maybe half as much would have been good.

thank you

so much for saying that, I thought you were angry at me somehow...
I also like most of you're maps, but you also know that's due to your talent in editing gameplay...(thumps up)
I wasn't mean to you, so I just wondered a bit why you seemed to become (but now I know you weren't, those maps gps really aren't that good,too complicated).
another question: would you please give me a short description on how to play n-reality levels???


please read my comments above^^ and answer...!
I'm sorry to say it's not that difficult to win against a team like Iceland...nevertheless I'm also a fan of Scotland (sadly enough Italy took THEIR worldcup ticket ;()
rate+comment on the maps of mine you faved?!
if you also want to I can make a mappack for you...:D
if I helped you with this playing, commenting and rating more comfortably, I'd love to do that...
I'll go and test your maps now, see you later...!


the tileset []
I'll have a look at your maps now (link mappack :D)
hope you still do with my ones

I would give it a

4, because I think the tileset is quite good and the gameplay very enjoyable.


means it looks a bit like the first few levels of N - i.e. a bit amateur-looking...
And I think you can rate it...but rate honestly : )
in my opinion it looked really good, I just can't understand why no-one rates or comments...
btw am I allowed to rate it (because I could)...?:P
it would be very sad if that gets no attention, my tileset also didn't...;(




I thought

you were on holiday...
And I resubbed this because it didn't come out right and not many people saw it first time round.
I'll om you on the forums with those maps.
Oh yes, and please rate this when you have the time, thanks.
and why is there another version of this on your userspage

anyways I've been away on holiday and just got back so only just saw your playtest message would be happy to do so if I'm not too late :)


a pity I don't have the patience to do an AGD...


I really enjoyed being inside the tree , the whole feel was fun :3
The Chaingun was ideal and the rocket was nice and intense.
You should see this, im sorry but it's sad no one has :( []
oh no! bad demo :'(
Demo Data


Demo Data