Walls have ears and floors have antennae

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Author cheesemonger
Tags author:cheesemonger concept experimental fun rated survival
Created 2009-03-16
Last Modified 2009-03-17
by 5 people.
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Description Concept survival!
This should be quite challenging and fun, too, hopefully.

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fasted agd

old map old map
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You don't immediately die, maybe?


What's the point of starting on a switch?


I was thinking of using it again...
I suppose we can both use it, as long as you credit me for the idea =]


loved that floor-drone-concept please use it again in a non-survival map, I'd like to see that...(or may I use?)

I thought

that is an absolutely brilliant survival, it was challenging to watch both floor and air dangers and escaping them, only one or two rockets too much for my taste and abilities...;)
deserves a 4/5
Well I don't know to how to explain this map but,this is a nice survival,but it needs just more!The reckets are fun but lots of rockets made the gameplay incredibly annoying,while trying to dodge drones.What I suggest you is to take out some enemies and use more of the map area,and let the player jump to somewhere else,rather than flat floor,because it gets incredibly annoying after a while,which makes it a boring survival.

Shorter than this

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Ded to anyone who can get a shorter time...
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this is my best...
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so would you please tell me your title so we won't have the same...


it's some random picture I found by accident. The wallace avatar looked a bit cheesy, if you'll excuse the pun.
Heres an alright survival but I'll post a longer one when I get some time. I miss wallace and gromit whats the new avatar. I gave this 4.2/5 by the way its got good replay value and the homers under doors under floor thing is a nice concept don't think I've seen it before. =)
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Thanks for pointing that out, I've edited it now.
is not a homer see demo I don't know if its on purpose but its annoying cause you can't see it
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lasted so long without letting one out
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this is really just to say I've seen this and think its cool I don't really have time to get a good demo now and write a decent comment but I will tomorrow
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You looked

like you were having a lot of fun there, karmap0lice.
Oh, and it should work now Chris.


lol, this version is way more fun, but watch demo to see the problems :/
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and you're on my "authors you may not have heard of, but I think are worth a look" page

:D 4


but I went too quickly at the end...
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Myabe it's not much harder, but I certainly can't stay very long...


damnit, nice idea, but its a bit easy to overcome
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