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Author evil_blt
Tags author:evil_blt chrysanthemum evil flower rated rooms
Created 2009-04-13
Last Modified 2009-04-13
by 6 people.
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Description I was messing around with tiles and accidentally created something that it would be a shame not to make a map around. So, here you are: my first map.

Fairly easy, but the AGD will be a bit of a challenge.


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sub 1000

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got a better start this time but not so good later
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oops here it is sub-1000 definitely possible
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I don't seem to be able to find a way to do the bottom fast


It took 3 attempts first 2 times the drones got me nice map though
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I must have been bored or something.

yeay you made map

and its actually good hooray

Not bad.

Zap drones need a bit more room.
Laser area needs something else (rocket + laser seems to be good for a challenge)
Could do with being bigger.

Generally I find that playtesting a lot helps with gameplay. Obvious point? Maybe. But if you center the tiles primarily around how they play instead of the way they look, the map's a lot more enjoyable when it comes down to it.
i need to get a new avatar :D


Yeah, maybe it could have done with a bit more thought. And being bigger.


First of all, welcome to NUMA!
Now, for a beginner's map, it's not bad.
The bottom section was annoying, the whole wading through bounceblocks is annoying (I learned that in one of my early maps).
The gauss section was better, although the point of the oneways escaped me.
The drone section doesn't really work well with the 4 tiles imo.
The laser drone bit is waaay too easy.
The gold could have been more imgainatively placed. The aesthetics are decent, the tiles are nice, but 4 tiles don't often make for fun gameplay (another thing I learnt from an early map).
All in all, it's a 2.5 from me, but since you're new I'll round it up to 3.

nice for a first
Demo Data


But any ways I could make it better? I couldn't think of any other easy-ish challenges for small rooms.

quite nice