The underbasement

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Author evil_blt
Tags author:evil_blt evil logic puzzle-y rooms unrated
Created 2009-04-13
Last Modified 2009-04-13
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Description Simple enough: escape from the underbasement.

There are three paths - easy, medium and hard. It's up to you to find which one is the best to take.

Feedback would be appreciated. Anyone manage all three paths?

Anyone actually managed even one yet?

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It's ok

try and not put gold in big lines and blocks but in nice shapes that look good and are fun to collect. work on tiles a bit to maybe glad to see you though. Also people get stressed if you post more than 2 maps in 1 day so wait till tomorrow for more just saying cause I didn't know when I started

Fixed that.

Also, this is what an AGD looks like. If I'd been paying attention at the easiest part it would, anyway.
Demo Data

Whoops, yeah. I added that without testing. Also, forgot to replace the gunbot and laserbot...

i managed

but agd is impossible, might wanna fix that.

all possible gold demo(exept a few in the beginning.
Demo Data