End of the world

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Author blackwhite
Tags author:blackwhite kra playable race rated
Created 2009-05-05
Last Modified 2009-05-05
by 8 people.
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Description short kra-race

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love it 5aved...
only one thing, this isn't rly a kra.
i guess it is in a way but not rly.
time to watch your demo now. here's an AGD I made on my own though.
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pretty fun

flow felt a bit unnatural though. original and very nice overall.
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the whole KRA thing just made it less fun in the end
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very nice


odd death demo

made sans help. i loved the first perp jump.
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already seen this map yesterday xD


That tileset is mindblowing.

The actual race is solid, the flow is interesting but felt a little unnecessarily laboured in a few points but it's still fun.

I liked the way the kra worked in segments, it takes the pressure off to make a perfect run.
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