The Abyss

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Author 73lack_D72agon
Tags author:73lack_d72agon flow jumps playable race rated
Created 2009-05-16
Last Modified 2009-05-16
by 8 people.
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Description re-visit. Hopefully all the problems that were present in the previous version have been addressed.

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is so totally faved.. 5/5
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different route

Another unpolished agd, I'm just exploring really :). Some fbfing to get past that hard thwump in the opposite direction.
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4.5upaved ;)

lovely map, so much fun. It wasn't quite perfect, with some odd little bits of flow and unspectacular (though not ugly) aesthetics. But that's all irrelavent really. This is great, and so much fun.

Here's a really bad agd with an odd route (avoiding the hard jumps :P). I'll try for a harder faster one too.
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and I like it a lot more than when I first saw the tileset. I like the openess of it, and at the same time it has good flow.
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Such a good map actually. I was playing other maps but couldn't help but come back to it. 4.5aved. Here is a horrible AGD ( ibreak the flow :[)
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First try.

Wow... an actual good multipath race. Love the flow. Nice difficulty too. I almost got it on first try. The great thing about this kind of level is that no one knows which path is the fastest since the level can be played in so many ways.
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