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Author Conen__TG_
Tags action author:conen__tg_ boatshowisagreatsong conen conentgbestmaps rockets unrated
Created 2009-06-01
Last Modified 2010-09-04
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Description I really like this map. It's a bit of a different feel. got some rockets in here, that's new for a conen map eh? yea, this one is a bit long but it's got action all the way through.

blah blah blah play it already... you WONT regret it!!


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I dont usually...

post demoes on my own maps but... this was a fucking AWESOME run.

AGD, check check it.
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there we go

agd -3, still a bit too long.
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but nto bad
Demo Data




I like this map because it's hectic, but it almost invites you to stick around. I could go for the gold now, or get the switch first. It's almost like getting two chances to get it right.