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Author Conen__TG_
Tags action author:conen__tg_ conen conentgbestmaps gauss tyme unrated
Created 2009-05-17
Last Modified 2010-09-04
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Description first map I've made sober in a while.

I really liked this one, for once I made a tileset that was actually good for a large map :/

anyway, not much to say, just play the thing. Enjoy,

PS: Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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i like this so much


check your PMs

This is hot.

Nice job.
its great fun to play
a pleasure to return to
about the tileset. In my personal opinion, this map has some of the best gameplay of any of my maps (maybe with the exception of a few).

those tiles

look pretty great. i think that the idea could have been used a bit better, though. the map is ok.
tiles look great in full view though

its okay...

game-play is at 89% but the tiles seem repetive.. 3.5 down..
However hink the main reason it isn't getting much is because of the tiles. They look unappealing and truthfully I only looked at this map when someone directed a link to me. 4 for the map

a nice long map

it was fun and took a long time to complete. That's a difficult thing to do but you pulled it off nicely. Well done.

I love the tiles

the bounceblock section is lovely

Cheated a little.

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