Sewers, Maintenance Lvl 3

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Author UndeadPie
Tags action author:undeadpie featured rated under-ground
Created 2009-06-06
Last Modified 2009-06-07
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description Smi'r: Yeah this is more of a challenge, more mines

Wola: Yeh, we'll make it, don't worry

Lola: Let's get to it, this place gives me the creeps

Booak: Yeah this isn't the place to have friends over for teaparty

This map was featured on 2012-05-18

It takes great skill to make a minejumper with very little room for manoeuvring and still have the appeal for you to play it repeatedly.

UndeadPie's sewers provide the perfect challenge, a challenge where the biggest hindrance is your own overconfidence and the only sound is that of the gold you collect. Eerie, isn't it?

So play the map, record your demos, share your highscores...
And moan at Lola for not inviting you to the tea party.

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Beat kyozo's underclocked demo :D
Demo Data

Get lost.

romaniac. :P
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As long as you're careful, this map is fairly easy.
It's those who are greedy for speed that get blown up.

AGD with a poopy end.
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liked it took me four tries challenging and fun

What Nexx said. Only 3 or so mines that killed me.
The mine placement is actually pretty generous even though it may seem like it isn't. Also, it's fun.

Oh God.

I'm so bad.
At least I can beat it :b
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Heh, first try AGD.

For all the cramped space, this isn't difficult at all.
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faster AGD

realtime :p
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Underclocked, obviously.
Congrats on the feature, I liked this because it was a minejumper, but it still had some easy bits :)
5/5 from me.
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Demo Data

Thanks for playing

And again, very nice demo swipenet =)
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first try.
Demo Data

this was perfect

just perfectly episodic and very fun.


i liked it
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I liked it

Demo Data

good map

low diffelculty but yet fun