Bullet The Blue Sky

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Author Arona_Daal
Tags admusic author:arona_daal drones mines playable rated u2
Created 2009-06-27
Last Modified 2009-06-27
by 5 people.
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Description Before someone accuses me of copying a map name, this is a song by U2. LISTEN TO IT.

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So close ;___;
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i lyk new age music but everyone ( except dance ) appriciates oldie! i agree wit farman, but evri1 is different. Heck! im goin to AC/DC in the mornin!


People don't know what music is these days. All the greats; Paul Weller, The Beatles, The Who. All forgotten. People listen to this rap shit. Kids don't know what they're missing out on.

The Who

Copied Limp Bizkit?

i didnt accuse you

I accused the nutheads who are always saying that The Who copied Limp Biskit.


I never accused mate! Aerosmith have done some great stuff. I can't remember the name of my favourite, but I need to find it out.


Eminem sampled Aerosmith. People need to learn to research before accusing. I love Eminem, and I don't blame him for sampling that song, but "Sing for the Moment" doesn't even come close to "Dream On" as a piece of music.

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Sounds almost word perfect for an Eminem song... hmm...

Quite fast

I like the top. But don't like the tiles in the middle. 4.
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This Map

Has Alot of playtime
Lyk Fallout 3....#
Nice Architecture
But Not so many life-threatining jumps
i got so far just to die at the one of many mine jumps