Conductive Pathways

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Author MattyMc13
Tags author:mattymc13 collab flow fun gnothergnu race rated
Created 2009-07-05
Last Modified 2009-07-05
by 11 people.
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Description Collab between me and GNOTHERGNU [].

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I liked it
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completely agree with destiny...i think more creativity could have been incorporated into this as well.


but then Meta_Ing beat your demo
<lightning> Watch as my innovative approach beats your flowy demo.
<lightning> Only took me 2 tries.
<lightning> But the truth is, I thought the map was an action map instead of a race XD
<Meta> haha
<Meta> Well I'll play it unflowily now too

Innovative ftw

Whoo, I win, even on Nreality with this AGD. Still had good flow though.
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Nice routing

A few parts of flow werent quite as nice as i think they could of been, but i enjoyed the adventurous feeling that the map had. The aesthetics were nothing to gawp at, though. Aslo, gold was a little standard.

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I'm not liking this so much. The mechanics are competent but without much flair in the flow, and the whole thing is devoid of personality.


with meta ing
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exelend smitters :p


I didn't watch the other demos, but I think I got the flow right.
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oohh Matty and Gnu! what a nice combination. I like the simplicity of the flow and the creativity of the route. I enjoyed it 4/5

and mine

i had to because its 1111
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here's the demo

to show the proper route
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