Storm Star

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Author MickyTP
Tags action author:mickytp rated
Created 2009-07-17
Last Modified 2009-07-17
by 8 people.
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Description A bit hard this one.

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fantastic map, that gold is perfect, and I love how you used the idea shown in astheoceansblue maptheory. Really nice work, I'm going to fave this :)
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Reminds me of some of my older maps, but with better execution. It might have looked better without the cluttered tiles at the bottom, though. They didn't really mix.

But yeah, mechanics wise this is pretty solid. Nailing these is more important than bring original in these early stages, imo. Sets you up in the long run. 4.

Thank you Senechal

I wanted to use tiles, but be able to go through the doors at the same time.

Not that hard

Pretty well constructed, and finding the best route is fun (I'm not sure whether this is it, but it's pretty quick). That drone mechanic is overused at the moment, but that's a minor complaint.
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