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Tags action author:iwbtninja flowish medium mr rated tambourineman
Created 2009-07-17
Last Modified 2009-07-17
by 10 people.
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Description RCE.

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And you go from mediocre-mapmaker to "OMFG THIS IS AWESOME"


the lower sections of this, with the mines and guards are really cool. nice job.


i really like the layout of this. it seems adventurey and professional.
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i'm done, haha
good map, just soo many parts that frustrate me
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Oh I forgot

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but I didn't like the gold

Oh I love this.

Damn wonderful.


the map is modified now :) i guess its not cheatable anymore

Got you a...

RATING. ur welcome
the gold is awesome, a lot of fun to get and just sufficiently out of the way to be a challenge. The rocket placement is a little clumsy, especially when you need to climb up the one ways. I like this.

this is great.

perfect difficulty, very nice flow, cool design. 5 and faved. and i don't fave a lot of maps.
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NICE MAP. and thanks for playing through a lot of my maps. that means a lot :D

the gold was really fun to get. played a bit like some of my stuff.
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Thanks for the comments! I appreciate it.
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oh yeah

bob dylan :D

really fun map, oneways uptop are ugly though, great otherwise, faved
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5/5 = sweetness