Den Ståndiga Resan

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Author RX_Queen
Tags action agd author:rx_queen race rated
Created 2009-07-28
Last Modified 2009-07-28
by 5 people.
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Description Wait if death smiled upon you...

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Actually, it was part of the big feature week; non-reviewers sent the reviewers text and we posted it... but due to a slight misunderstanding, I failed to credit crescor for writing the review.
So, yeah, thank him. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

(Your few maps are quite good, incidentally.)


BLAABLAA nice map and all but whats up with this []?


i dont know you!!!
but i do know i RLY loved the map : )
the 5 tiles didnt bother me at all,
more of an action than a race...
but i loved it XD


mr Desing student.

It's you!

Nice to see you're back making maps!
The central area looks great, but I'm not a fan of those 5-tiles on the right hand side, they look a bit ugly. The map is quite fun, but I didn't see the point of the trapdoor. Overall, good, I hope to see more from you!
Much improvable speedrun below.
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