Ba‘al Zebûb

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags author:astheoceansblue devilmaycry featured unrated
Created 2009-07-30
Last Modified 2009-07-30
Map Data

Description Has a devil put aside for me?

This map was featured on 2009-08-08

Setting: Hades.
Characters: The devil. The ninja.
Plot: You (nánja) are infiltrating a Brain. It is emanating Waves. Unfortunately the -devil- is abetted by Drones. You must drop down, collect money for the passage back across the river Styx, make contact with the epicenter of the Brain (neutralizing the -devil- a lá A Wrinkle In Time), and leave.
Climax: Door.
What to bring: Your Hitch-Hikeriana (towel [], Beeblebear [] and earrings [].


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Bohemian Rhapsody!

I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me.
Like obscure allusions, much?


your so amazing i was wondering if you could possibly have a look at some of my maps?

loved the review

awesome. as for the map, it had all the atob idiosyncrasies that i love.
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:(((((((. why ! why cant i be as good as other people! 4/5
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reference in description? Its at the part leading up to the big rock out!
even xaelar came to play this one :)

He's on his ship [], pictured within. Yarrrh!



god fucking dammit. first review yet that mentions beeblebears, and you criticize it? do you have any idea how hard that is?

He was trying to do

what PALEMOON's perfected. Anyway, do you really need to be so pedantic about it? This site is supposed to be fun.

very cool map

that gauss is an angry one... or am i just angry at it?

No, I just wondered if he really thought that what he wrote was a review. It clearly isnt. It might be a good mission briefing/synopsis type thing, but it clealy isnt any sort of review

What sarcasm?

Looked the part

Didn't play it.
Seriously, too far. I've slightly warmed to the map though.

Worst 'review' yet :\

Map is interesting, difficult but not unfair and aesthetically pleasing

And I know the (poor) quality of reviews is already mentioned far too much, but come on... do you even know what a review is?


But map is decent.


The review was uber-convoluted and ridiculous imo. And the map really didn't have the right kind of feel to it. Basically inferior to The Great Trickster imo.

Nice tileset though. :P
but i really didn't like this map as much as i've been liking some of your more recent ones.


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Atob has gone into legend by being the first person, when you ever click on "featured maps" you get "next ten" ! ;)

Oh definitely.

That was beyond awesome. ;_;
And what I had commented on this before the feature I swear. o_O

sorry atob []

ld had a collab. are we noting the use of the word 'technically'?

And toasters

Atob has 11, LD only 10

Oh man,

you lucky guy

i like your new avatar


you're now tied with lord_day.

11 featured?

I'll have to report that as spam! xD
Great map :)
I like this map a lot, too. :)


i forgot a parenthesis thingy
This is your best map. I played it repeatedly, and all I could say was, "I'm jonesing for succotash." It rendered me incoherent. Naturally I'm going to feature it.

PS: Nice demon.
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