Tomato Buccaneer

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Author romaniac
Tags author:romaniac dda kradda non-playable rated
Created 2009-08-02
Last Modified 2011-05-23
by 79 people.
Map Data

Description For bluenin.
This is my 400th map, big thanks to Lifeypants for starting me on it and helping me at one other point.
1600 frames. No launchpads, no gold delay, restricted use of trapdoors and plenty of bounceblocks. This has been 5 months in the making; so, naturally I am glad to submit it finally.


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This is amazing, some very fluid movements with the bounceblocks. Faved!

one rocket.

goes completely through an E tile. someone tell me they see it.

amazing dda
insane 3 way rocket/ninja close call thingy that looked wicked cool.


One of the best DDA's I have ever seen.


romaniac, some of the stuff you pull is absolutely absurd. very, very, very nice job.

That was great

Thanks man.
And I never would have known if you didn't say anything. Or I didn't happen to stop by today. I'll go demo one of your other maps.


this is awesome. 5/5


Coolest dda i've ever seen. 5.



Great close calls

to the pixel!
It was impossible to see what all three rockets and the ninja were doing without watching it more than once.
I prefer to be able to see all the action without having to rewatch.

However, it's a very good DDA.

The way I see it

is the point of featuring is to showcase a map for a day. This has been on the Hot Maps for a day now, so thats as good as a feature for me

Also fireburnsfree

maps with more that 50 rates (which this will get) pretty much never get featured as reviewers figure they have already got lots of attention already and that most people have already seen them.


the stylish circular ending =D
5aved. also liked how a rocket took a long way around the tiles at the top.

very nice.

one of the reasons i love that the top rated page was taken away is that now, since less ddas are made, when good ones come along i actually appreciate them. This one was especially nice. reminded me of bluenin


Practically 0.
Unless a reviewer goes crazy, this will never get featured. DDAs and n-arts are almost never featured due to the controversy they always cause.


ahahaha. did i just call you incluye? ahahaha. ha. right.


reminded me of clifty


that it's dedicated to bluenin, when in all probability you just cost him a Dronie. this is simply brilliant, incluye.

nothing else to say, except that you're it as far as DDAs are concerned these days.

I love it

But I keep asking why some ppl put so many effort just for make a map...

No hard feelings

good map deserve to stay on the hotmaps page. Also how long did that map of -LordOfPeanuts- stay on the hotpage.. about a day right?

I never complained

And plus, I'm not as good as you at mapping so. I don't see how you can compair this map. to mine.


Love the ending.

too fast amlt?

I was thinking it was too slow... But then, I was going for a non-stop kind of feel to it.

I know lots of maps are going by un-noticed, but you can't blame me for wanting something great for my 400th. Not much I can do about it now...

And thanks everyone for your comments :)
lots of maps are being unoticed!!1


5AVED 5/5


romaniac<3. grats man

was pretty good

but I wouldnt go out of my way to watch it again.


Romaniac for make the best DDA in awhile.


I agree with diamondeye
But could we get this off the hotmaps top, dozens of maps have flowed right past without comments or rates...
Not the most original DDA ever, but it's very well made. Congrats on 400!

I gave it a 4

It's too fast and too open for my liking.

Nice, nice.

But by some of the legendary DDAs this isn't majestic or anything. However, it's better then most of the crap NUMA has on it. 4.6^/5




Fastest on NReality so far... by several frames ;)
Demo Data


good map
Mr. Blobby

Great job

I like how all the thwumps mesh.