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Author incluye
Tags action author:incluye featured lmc3 rated
Created 2009-08-03
Last Modified 2009-08-03
by 17 people.
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Description inretten is colo

Hell, I thought it was fun.

This map was featured on 2010-01-19

terni is a variety pack, unified by a consistent and aesthetically pleasing tileset.
terni is not only frustrating but rewarding.
terni is as good for sophisticated players as it is for ADHD tweens.
terni is sharp and jagged but in some ways smooth and relaxing.
terni both confounds and delights.
terni is both fast-paced and laid-back (but at times, neither.)
terni is dynamic and changing, but deep down stays the same.
terni has a silly review.

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agd death demo

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you might as well be the whitest person ever.

Hi Sweep!


is good
very good


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cool AGD

Watch it
Demo Data


First try in about five months. Still fun.
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I can’t lie, I like to get my 2 Step on
At night crisp white on white two steps on
Shorty-wop you can take two steps tall
Pause don’t step on my new Air Jordans

I see you like to model well I’ll dance on that
I’ll tap I can do the Kid n Play on that
School crabs and walk with a baseball bat
New Edition does it fresh with the Cabbage Patch
Patch on my jacket mean the leader of the pack
Pack a lunch, snack chips, ham sandwich of the bunch
Country hall (?) in the back with my cap to the back
Back to the back of the class for you crabs
Shrimps, lobsters, sharks, crawfish
Mean fastball you can’t get a hit off us
Outfield n*ggaz wanna run up on us
Mush mouth you might want to be more cautious


Awesome (awesome)
We rockin, we toss ‘em (toss ‘em)
Word, flossin (flossin)
Awesome (awesome)
We rockin, we toss ‘em (toss ‘em)


(PS. sorry if I was misleading, but I disliked this.)



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the initial room

is funnnnn as. gets okay from there on. but over all a pretty good map.
It's pretty fast too. Improvable though.

Nice map. I like the linear adventure aspect.
Demo Data


the tiles

look amazing.

-> to be played later
I wrote on for Feature Week just like it for another map
this one []

cool map though.
the launchpad area is fun - the chaingun is unnecessary in my opinion.



I don't know

Remember that 1 day where your map was the last to be posted before the server broke and you weren't able to post maps for like 3 days. it was nreality and had rokcets.


happy birthday!
launchpads worked great, there was solid drone pathing, and the bottom section was nice as well. I think the asthe really hurt you in the comp. Nice map anyhow.
where you move a different way than you press the keys, and the tiles dont fit normal tiles? it had rockets and Im talking about an nreality map.


...but i honestly do NOT think this is awesome. not trying to be the cool different guy, i just thought the rocket, the first pair of drones and the gauss protecting the exit switch were unnecessarily annoying =)
but this is just about taste, not the quality of the map. so, um, no rating.



I agree