In the Night

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Author The_Farman
Tags action author:the_farman test unrated
Created 2009-08-20
Last Modified 2009-08-20
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Description This is a test. It is completely possible. Pretty easy actually. Ratings disabled.

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Except for mistalker's agd...

All gold

More than halved the other demos. =P
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I'm going for sub 300, if I can :/
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Fucked up at the end, though. 5/5 I really liked it.
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love it! this is my kind of map :]
messed up my demo :/
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Thanks everyone.

The last jump is definitely my favourite part of this. Me and Meta_Ing are the masters of it, we like to think.


farman i love how you save your ass 3-4 times xD

Map is very good!

aw fuck

last jump is a doozy.
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Oh Yeah! Bottom gold took me a few tries, but this was a really nice difficulty. The design was enjoyable, aesthetic, and challenging without causing frustration. 5/5. A beautiful construction.
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killed my AGD like 10 times already. I'm going to get it though.
It's awesome.


Just cos I'm cool enough to provide one.
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