Stardust Shrine

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Author ChaoStar
Tags author:chaostar jenny rated
Created 2009-08-26
Last Modified 2009-08-26
by 8 people.
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Description I liked this.

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Only just a Memory of what we are. Reality was just a dream Abstract, I say. Better Times, Strange places Hello, my name is... Hanging on the edge of Tommorrow


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Oh well. You can't hide from the law.
<southpaw> Leaff, I'm disappointed in you and ChaoStar.
<Leaff> Pawz!
<Leaff> Hnnh?
<southpaw> Well, Raede?
<Leaff> Haha. About time.
<toasters> Who's Raede?
<Leaff> It was a collab account, Pawz. CS decided to make him a bit more realistic. `_`
<Leaff> "He" didn't rate any of our maps, and I know I didn't rate any of "his".
<Leaff> CS might've, dunno.
<toasters> That for one of the other accounts on your list.
<southpaw> I'm disappointed that neither of them told me about it.
<Leaff> Oh. We planned on revealing it soon enough.
<Leaff> Sorry Pawz.
<southpaw> They've been around long enough. Regardless of whether you were placing votes or not, the ratings still need to be disabled.
<Leaff> I'm fine with that.
<southpaw> No worries. If anybody needs to make a collab account and keep it quiet I'm willing to play along.
<Leaff> Hehe.
<southpaw> Just don't leave me in the dark. I hate that.
<Leaff> Deal.

Tee hee. Probably should've made the email something less obvious, eh?

very good

gamepaly is real fun
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Cheatable is when you can get past a locked door without having to get the switch, or something like that.


unless you meant for this to be done.
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it was fun : )

nice and relaxing...
4/5 from mehhh

1st attempt agd.

liked it, but you could've added a gauss or something that increases the difficulty.
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emmy emmy emmy

emmy emmy

who is jenny? :3