She's Electric

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Tags action author:whittyboy jugglekid jugglekidstiles tilesnotmine tilesnotminedamnit unrated
Created 2009-09-19
Last Modified 2009-09-19
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Description She's in a family full of eccentrics. []

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Nice one, Swipenet.


lets get it on


I tend to make typos when exhausted.


I though Senschal's AGD was brill...till I beat it on my second try.
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I really like the start. It has a very nice flow. The rest plays pretty well but the start is my favorite.
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It's a after midnight here as well, just copying a bit of music to my MP3 and stuff, then I'm going to sleep aswell, good night man.

Dude, I'm sorry,

I don't have facebook, I'm not with social online networks, I'm all for close contact xD
I feel like catchin' up some lost time.


How are you dude! I realize I haven't really spoken to you in ages dude... o.O
Do you still remember that collab that we screwed up because we didn't understand each other? xD
Good times man, good times....


I've said my piece. I'm glad that you've obviously caved in. It doesn't matter much now, since soon you'll be permanently IP banned and then we don't have to put up with you :D


dicks do all the things you just mentioned. You are one: if you've done those things, then dicks obviously /do/ do them. In the history of humanity, people have done all the things you just mentioned, and some of them have been dicks. Anyway, I fail to see how playing the piano means you're not a dick; that's the most ridiculous argument I've heard in a long time, and I've had to talk to you for a few days.


Your latest comment is irrelevant. My argument still stands. Surely you must realise how stupid your position is? Anyway, I'm done with this; I'm off to watch Casino Royale.

I don't care

if you're not a dick in real life. We are on the internet. You are acting like a dick on the internet. Since this is all I have to base my opinion of you on, I must assume that you are a dick in everything that you do. The fact that you claim you're not a dick in real life is worthless, as you've already proven yourself to be a prolific liar on this site, so frankly, I don't believe you. Furthermore, anyone who acts like a dick for "fun" is a dick; you have to be an incredibly warped individual to find what you're doing fun.
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Aren't you bored of this yet?


First of all, your first comment on my map is just...weird. I have no idea what you're referring to.
Secondly, you /can't/ do what you want. I hear this argument all the time, always from idiots such as yourself. You don't realise that you're only as important as everyone else, and that you should respect their rights as they do yours. You don't seem to be able to understand this, somehow. You obviously think you're some kind of unappreciated genius, but frankly you're one of the biggest idiots I've ever had the misfortune to come across. Anyone who doesn't understand basic principles of human decency must be woefully unintelligent. It seems like you should learn the difference between being knowledgable and being intelligent. Hopefully, you'll hit puberty soon and become a mature, sensible human being, but until then I feel sorry for everyone who has to know you in real life and can;t escape from your miserable personality.
...Then please tell me why you played mine?

Im being friendly

dont get upset, love. :3


its ok I forgive you, love.

pleasing gold

not loving the bounceblocks, though there isn't much else you could put there to reach the exit.

This place has needed a grammar nazi for quite some time.


Don't think me being civilised is going to be a daily occurrence. I'm not on here regularly enough.
Ending was great.


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I'm done.
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Loads faster.

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Why do you put an AGD twice? AT least say they are different.


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